Coming soon. . .

The project that sat, waiting to happen.

The idea came out of photography class back in the mid 90's. I wanted to stick a simple magnifying lenses on my Pentax. At the time I did not know how to get this idea to work in a way I liked, so I forgot about it.

Years later while building pinhole cameras, the idea came back to me. And the Lens PunK project was born.

With much trial and error, I developed the lens I had wanted, all those years ago.

I have now made these simple lenses for a number of different cameras from a Pentax K mount to a Leica M mount (and continue to develop more.)


In 2016 I started to get requests from other photogrpers that saw the results. So I started making them for others too.


I've now sent them to many different countries, photographers all over the globe have now used them.

The 35mmc blog, has also reviewed one here.


If you would like to try one of these lenses? I can make one for you.

Or you can join a future workshop and learn to make one for yourself.

Edited 8th January 2024