On deciding what materials to use for the construction of surf equipment. I consider the impact they may have.

While surfboards are made from many materials. Currently, the most used are toxic to the environment, lowering the quality of the worlds water and air.

I would like to consider this while developing my boards. My aim is to produce a result, that's made from sea friendly materials. Without compromise to performance.

The core material I have most experience with using through my work is wood.

Depending on the species used and how the timber is soured. This can be a wonderful option for constructing a boards blank.

It's worth noting here: Some timbers come from trees that are rare and endangered, these options will be avoided.

Where others are common, fast growing, and can be coppiced sustainably. I'm also keen to combine the use of what I call DIR materials (discarded, Imperfect, reclaimed). By doing this, I use a combination of sustainable new and upcycled materials.

As this project develops, this page will be updated.

Created 7 Apr 24 | Updated 14 Apr 24