My current choice for new timber when making surfboards is Paulownia.

Paulownia trees can be mature by 10 or so years old. They have the ability to re-grow from their roots after being cut down.

This is known as coppicing.

This is a part of the appeal for sustainable production.

The trees ability to regenerate in case of damage, disease, or cutting is something many trees can not do.

(many species of tree need to be re-planted after the main trunk is cut down. This can be done sustainably. However more work and energy is often used)

The process of coppicing Paulownia involves the tree's root system to send up new shoots, (after the main stem has been removed).

The new shoots then grow into new trees, which is why Paulownia is one of the intresting options when using new timbers.

Created 18th Febuary 2024