Yes, unfortunatly what I like is not everyones cup of tea. In any case I like to share a cuppa with friends.

This page may seem little a different to the rest, as its one page dedicated to tea.

No history, no waffling, no fancy stuff, Just a few brews and blends to enjoy.

English breakfast:

The way I like to start my day

with a little milk (soy or oat)

Quick and easy to make.


Nice when done right, not to flowery tho

Good with soy milk, seems to go very well

But mostly with a little lemon

Melborne tea:

Light vanilla flavored black tea

Good with no milk

Refreshing, both hot or ice

Copse Brew:

My own blend using the best from above.

Best made in a pot, with Indian black tea

Bergamot, dried blood orange (or other citrus) and a touch of vanilla.

Now that's out the way,
I hope you enjoy your time here.